Public Environmental Review

Mulga Rock Uranium Project - Public Environmental Review

Public Review Period - 14 December 2015 to 8 March 2016 (Submissions have now closed)

Vimy Resources Limited is proposing to develop the Mulga Rock Uranium Project (MRUP) which is located 240 km east-north-east of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.  The project will involve shallow open pit mining of four poly-metallic deposits with commercial grades of uranium. The project has a life of mine of 16 years and will produce 1,360t of uranium oxide concentrate annually.

A Public Environmental Review (PER) has been prepared by Vimy Resources Limited in accordance with Western Australian Government procedures and has been released for public review.  The PER document describes the proposal, examines the likely environmental effects and the proposed environmental management procedures associated with the proposed development.  

Public submissions closed on 8 March 2016.

MRUP PER Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Section 1 Introduction

Section 2 Physical Environmental Setting

Section 3 Stakeholder Consultation

Section 4 Socio-economic Setting

Section 5 Project Description

Section 6 Flora and Vegetation

Section 7 Terrestrial Fauna

Section 8 Subterranean Fauna

Section 9 Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) Species

Section 10 Hydrogeological Processes

Section 11 Inland Waters Environmental Quality

Section 12 Air Quality and Atmospheric Gases

Section 13 Human Health

Section 14 Heritage

Section 15 Rehabilitation and Closure

Section 16 Offsets

Section 17 References

Section 18 Abbreviations

A1 Assessment of Flora and Vegetation Surveys conducted for the MRUP

A2 Regional Hibbertia crispula Survey

B1 Flora Fauna and Radioecology Survey

B2 A Fauna Survey of the Proposed Mulga Rock Uranium Project

B3 Camera Trapping Protocol Sandhill Dunnart MRUP

B4 Gaikhorst response on Sandhill Dunnart

B5 A Report on the Southern Marsupial Mole

B6 Fauna Assessment Malleefowl

B7 Updated Report on Herpetofauna of the Mulga Rock Uranium Project

B8 Short range endemic fauna at the Mulga Rock Uranium Project

C1 Stygofauna Pilot Study

C2 Subterranean Fauna Pilot Study

D1 Hydrogeological Investigations and Numerical Modelling Kakarook

D2 Hydrogeological Investigations and Numerical Modelling

D3 Groundwater Study Lake Minigwal Uranium Prospect

D4 Mulga Rock Prospect Stage 2 Hydrogeological Investigation

D5 Report on Groundwater Exploration at Mulga Rock Prospect

D6 Geochemistry Mineralogy and Hydrogeochemistry at Ambassador

D7 Physicochemical Characteristics of Tailings from the Mulga Rock Uranium Project

D8 MRUP Tailing Storage Facility Seepage Analysis

D9 Surface Water Assessment and Management Plan

D10 Results of Solute Transport Modelling for In-pit Tailings Storage

E1 Dispersion Modelling

F1 Radiation Report and ANSTO Radionuclide Deportment Appendix

F2 Secular Equilibrium in Ores from the PNC Exploration Site

F3 Radon Emanation Testwork

G1 Report of an Ethnographic Survey of the Mulga Rock Uranium Project

G2 A Survey for Aboriginal Sites in the Cundeelee Minigwal Area April 1982

G3 A Survey for Aboriginal Sites in the Cundeelee Minigwal Area August 1982

G4 A Report on an Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Mulga Rock Uranium Project

G5 An Archaeological Survey for Aboriginal Sites

H1 Mulga Rock Uranium Project Conceptual Mine Closure Plan

H2 Terrain Analysis and Materials Characterisation

H3 MRUP Preliminary Radioactive Waste Management Plan

I1 Matters of National Environmental Significance Search

J1 Vimy Stakeholder Consultation File

K1 MRUP Environmental Management Plans

L1 MRUP Environmental Scoping Document

L2 EIA Checklist



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